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Children Matters

I am experienced in dealing with cases relating to the residence and contact arrangement orders for children. I am regularly instructed in cases of a complex nature, involving serious allegations of abuse and cases where experts are required to be instructed. I am able to advise as to what experts are required, the identity of appropriate experts and what questions should be asked. Children disputes often involve twin track proceedings of divorce and I am able to assist you in conducting both aspects of your case through the Direct Access scheme.


I am able to advise in cases where there is a specific issue in dispute, for example, what school the child should attend or even name changing. I have a particular interest and significant experience in dealing with cases regarding allegations of unauthorised removal of a child either to or from the UK and cases where permission to remove the child to another country is sought whether for a holiday or for permanent relocation.


I am able to represent clients in emergency applications, for example when a child has not been returned at the end of contact, or where a parent does not feel return is appropriate, as well as where there is concern regarding the appropriateness of the child’s treatment or associations.


I have been involved in proceedings involving complex enforcement, for example seizing the assets of an individual who had unlawfully removed a child from the country and getting injunctions against assets of those who had assisted in the removal (third parties).


My experience includes representation for grandparents and other family members in seeking to protect their rights and relationships in respect of children or in cases where they seek to protect the child from alleged harm.