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Financial Disputes

Getting Divorced? I am experienced in representing clients in complex financial proceedings, for example those involving foreign assets, farming businesses and inherited wealth and difficult or dishonest spouses. In addition to representing the parties to the relationship, I also advise third parties, for example where a family member has an interest in the family property and requires assitance in securing their interest within the Divorce.


I often am involved in emergency cases within a divorce where there is a real risk that  assets will be disposed of or otherwise hidden, and a speedy robust approach is needed to protect and preserve the interests.  It may be possible to “undo” attempts to divest assets, although you must act quickly!


Known as a fierce advocate, I frequently represent parties in litigation where there is need to expose the true colours (usually assets) of the other party, through cross-examination at trial.   With an ability to eloquently advance a complex case and explain difficult scenarios and concepts with clarity, I will be able to assist you through the main divorce application as well as through enforcement proceedings and appeals.


I am able to provide advice in relation to whether there are any grounds of appeal or whether you have a case for negligence in relation to previous divorce advice that has been given; be aware that you must act quickly in relation to a Appeals and claims for negligence.  


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