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Is my case suitable for direct access?


Divorce Barristers, through the Direct Access scheme, are now able to undertake legal aid work and hence if you believe that you may qualify for legal aid, please see the legal aid calculator and if appropriate seek further advice. Please note that, save for a few exceptions, legal aid was removed from the majority of family law cases (including Divorce, but excluding care proceedings) in April 2013.  


Public direct access is available in relation to privately funded family cases, however, as there are certain activities that I am not permitted to carry out, there will be some aspects you will be required to do; althgough the rules governing this area are changed in 2013 and there are now more services that may then be offered. It is important that you are able to carry out the additional functions. Both you and I need to consider the impact of direct access for you and your case to ascertain whether it is suitable. It maybe that your case is particularly time consuming or complex and this I can only assess once I know some brief details about your case. It may be that your case is initially suitable for direct access, but as time passes you may need the assistance of a solicitor. This is not a problem, as at that time I may work with your solicitor. I may also be able to use my experience of solicitors in your area to match you to a solicitor who is most appropriate for your case.


It is important that you understand that, with my guidance, there are certain steps that you may do yourself, this is essentially why the option is cheaper than the traditional route of employing a Divorce Solicitor and specialist Barrister, as you may undertake some work yourself.  This will be discussed as the case progresses, but may include preparing documents for the court or sending letters (I am able to help with the drafting). Many of these matters are administrative and can save you considerable sums in performing them yourself; if you are unable to carry out such tasks then direct access may not be suitable and I may advise you to instruct a solicitor. If you at any point require a solicitor, I maybe able to recommend a number of solicitors to you within your area. As I have been instructed by numerous solicitors I am able to offer you an informed view as to the most suitable family solicitor for your case.