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What work can a barrister do?


There are many ways that I am able to help you with your case under the Direct Access scheme, through the child dispute or divorce process, the following is not an exhaustive list:


(a) Give you legal advice and consider litigation tactics,

(b) Draft letters, witness statements and other documents on your behalf,

(c) Advise you as to procedure,

(d) Give advice and guidance as to evidence needed to present the best possible case,

(e) Assist with identifying and instructing experts, drafting letters of instruction and asking

           the right questions to best advance your case,

(f) Drafting agreements and proposed Orders,

(g) Assist with formulating and considering offers to settle,

(h) Represent you at court or at round-table-meetings.


It is to be noted that there were changes in 2013 which now allow a direct access barrister to undertake a more involved role.