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What work is a barrister prohibited from doing?


Barristers are not able to conduct litigation, unless they hold the advanced level of certification and therefore there are certain actions that some counsel cannot undertake. Examples of activities prohibited are:


(a) Interviewing witnesses

(I can give you guidance as to the matters that should be considered and can help you to draft the statement from the information that is provided to me)

(b) Issue proceedings with the court

(I can advise you as to what is required and can assist you with drafting the application and any supplementary documents as required, for you to take to the court)

(c) Making offers to settle the proceedings

(I am able to advise you as to proposals to settle the proceedings and can assist you with drafting any offers that you choose to make; these must be sent out in your name not mine)

(d) Handle client money (You must make payments to the court and experts etc.)

(e) Manage your affairs (e.g. act as a trustee)

(f) Instruct experts on your behalf <In Divorce cases or Child related matters>

(I can give you advice as to when an expert is required and assist in identifying the relevant expert and drafting the questions that should be considered by them and the letter of instruction; all letters will be sent in your name)