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The 1st Directions Appointment

Parties will have completed and exchanged their Form E in advance of the hearing.  Failure to do so may often lead to costs against the defaulting party!


It is a requirement that any issues to be raised regarding the other's Form E are compiled in a Questionnaire.  This is an important stage as the right questions need to be asked to expose issues or encourage full disclosure.


At the hearing the Judge will edit the Questionnaires and will provide for a timetable and required directions to move towards the next hearing, the FDR.  See documents required for this hearing here.


Again, it is important to ensure the directions provided enable the case to properly proceed at the next hearing, without additional delay, due to something being "missed" at the earlier hearing.

As an experienced Divorce Barrister, I am able to provide representation and guidance to ensure your case is on track for your eventual goals to have most chance of being achieved; direct access means the costs of such are kept to a minimum.


Often it is possible for self-representation at this stage, as long as you go armed with a "shopping list" of directions that you will seek.  There is no cross examination nor giving of evidence at such a hearing and is perhaps more administrative.  I am able to advise in advance as well as represent at such hearings.

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